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The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time, a lion lay asleep in the forest.

His great head was resting, on his paws. Suddenly, he was woken up by a small mouse. The lion laid his huge paw angrily on the mouse tail, and said:

- I am going to eat you now.

- Oh no, I didn’t mean to wake you on purpose! begged the poor little mouse. I am so very small, you won’t even taste me. I can repay you one day, if you let me go.

- Ha! A small mouse helping a great big lion.

Well, I'll let you go.

The lion was so amused at the idea of the little mouse being able to help the King of Beasts, that he lifted up his paw and let her go.


Some weeks later, there was a huge roar throughout the forest. The lion was caught in a net. He tried everything to get out, but he was helpless. He then called for the other animals in the forest.


The animals came to see what was going on, but none of them would help the lion.

- You are on your own! You are king of the forest.

And then they left him.


Only the little mouse stayed with the lion.

- I can help you.

She started to gnaw away the ropes of the net, and after a while, the lion was free.

- I told you so, even a small mouse can help a big lion! said the little mouse.

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