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The Ants That Ate
Too Much Sugar

Once upon a time there was an ant colony that was known for having the best ant hill, the smartest queen and the strongest soldiers.

Their neighbourhood was also considered the luckiest, as the city's best bakery had recently moved into the nearest building!

The ants quickly found their way to the counter with cakes, chocolate and candies, and this became the new favourite food.

The ants that ate too much sugar
  • The ants that ate too much sugar

When the adults saw how much the sugar pleased the children, it was also introduced in nurseries, schools and leisure clubs. Yes, even at the dentist you could get sweets.

Life was simply wonderful.


But then something strange happened!


The otherwise industrious ants became weak and tired, and the little ant children complained that they had stomachaches, and did not play as before.


The queen became worried and called the ants to her:

- Dear friends! There is an urgent need to find out what makes our bodies no longer work as they should. We don't sleep, have no energy, and our bodies hurt! Besides, we are constantly hungry!

The ants wondered when this change started.


The wisest of them all, the one who kept daily notes, cleared his throat and said firmly:

- It all started when the bakery opened! When we began to supply ourselves with the sweet human food. What they call - sugar!

The ants in the field looked at each other in despair. Someone nodded affirmatively.


The queen stood up and said in a loud clear voice:

- I also think this has to do with the sugar! To become healthy and strong again, we need to start eating food that is good for us! It is therefore time that we eat more vegetables and fruit!

We can treat ourselves to sugar from the bakery on Saturdays when we have our rest hour!


It became completely quiet in the anthill. Yes, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

What did the queen say? Eat vegetables? fruit?


It took several days before the ants got used to the idea, because the healthy food was not as tempting as sugar.


The queen then showed them a garden full of fruit trees and vegetables and told them how nutritious the plants were. The ants got to taste apples, pears, carrots, sugar peas and sun-ripened tomatoes. Much to their surprise, everything they tasted was good, just.. in a different way.


It didn't take long for the ants to regain their energy. They discovered that the healthy food gave them good sleep, they could work faster and run longer than ever before.


From that day on, vegetables and fruit became an important part of the ants' diet. Even though sugar can be delicious, the ants understood that you have to eat vegetables and fruit for the body to be healthy and strong.


And so was the fairy tale of the ants who learned the value of eating the most - of the healthy food.


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