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    is the driving force behind 

    famoustales.com. Sophie is passionate about creativity and drawing, and is constantly looking for new tales.

    She draws most of the illustrations used on our audio books, as well as all the fairy tales published on YouTube.


    is married to Sophie and is the voice behind all of the fairy tales.

    Christopher has 14 years of experience in the music industry, where he was head of promotion, management and publications.


    has 9 years of experience with fairy tales. Alexander pays close attention when dad reads, and when mom draws. No audio books are published without his approval.

  • Sophie and Christopher spend their daily workday over the clouds, as both are employed by Norwegian air. In their spare time, parenthood is combined with fairy tales.

  • Sophie got the idea to start famoustales.com, when she heard Christopher reading tales for their son, Alexander. "Ha had the perfect voice. Warm, calm and vibrant". 

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